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                               PHYSIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION                              


Endocrine functions of hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, ovary, testis, uterus and placenta.

Female Reproduction

            Functional anatomy and physiology of female reproductive tract. Puberty and factors affecting puberty. Breeding seasons in farm animals. Physiology of estrous cycle, folliculogenesis, oogenesis, ovulation, fertilization, embryogenesis, maternal recognition of pregnancy, sex differentiation, placentation, gestation, parturition and lactation.

Male Reproduction

            Functional anatomy and physiology of male reproductive tract. Puberty and factors affecting puberty. Thermoregulation of testis, spermatogenesis, sperm morphology, ejaculation, composition of semen, factors affecting quality and volume of semen. Sperm transport in female reproductive tract, capacitation and acrosome reaction. 

            Anatomy and functional histology of female reproductive tract. Palpation of female reproductive tract on the table and in live animals. Differential diagnosis of pregnant and non-pregnant reproductive tract. Anatomy of lactating and non-lactating udder. Anatomy and histology of male reproductive tract. Semen collection, evaluation and processing. Sperm morphology and its various abnormalities.

            Preparation of extenders for liquid and frozen semen. Freezing technique. Storage and thawing of frozen semen. Evaluation of thawed semen. 

                                            REPRODUCTIVE BIOTECHNOLOGY                             

Introduction to biotechnology and its recent trends. Artificial insemination technique. Estrus synchronization, reproductive immunization, superovulation, embryo transfer, in vitro maturation and fertilization, embryo sexing and embryo splitting. Genetic engineering, transgenic animals, nuclear transfer and cloning. 

                        Artificial insemination technique. Superovulation, embryo collection and evaluation. Preparation of the recipient and non surgical embryo transfer. Collection, preparation and in vitro maturation of follicular oocytes. Sperm preparation and in vitro fertilization. Preparation of different media to study early embryonic development in-vitro.Visits to Embryo Transfer Technology Centers.

                                          OBSTETRICS AND GENITAL DISEASES                      


Early embryonic death, abortion, mummification and maceration of foetus. Teratology, dropsy of fetal membranes, genital prolapse, torsion of uterus, induction of parturition, dystokia, retention of placenta, complications of puerperal and postpartum period, uterine infections. Infectious and non-infectious infertility problems and their prevention strategies. Parameters of fertility status. Use of Computer package in reproductive health management. Methods to improve herd health status. 


Genetic and acquired abnormalities of the testis, epididymis, vas deferens and accessory sex glands. Injuries and abnormalities of penis. Infertility (infectious and non infectious) and its control. Principles and uses of diagnostic ultrasound imaging in domestic animals. 

            Obstetrical anatomy. Obstetrical procedures in foetal and maternal dystokia. Epidural and

paralumber anesthesia. Caesarian section. Collection of samples from female and male reproductive tract for laboratory investigations. Treatment and prevention of infertility in male and female animals. identification and uses of various obstetrical instruments. Ultrasound imaging of uterus and ovaries in normal, pregnant and infertile animals. Ultrasound imaging of testis and epididymis in normal and infertile males. 

                                                     REPRODUCTION CLINIC-I                                


Breeding soundness examination of female. Rectal palpation, estrus detection, artificial insemination and related procedures. Pregnancy diagnosis. Superovulation and embryo transfer.   


Breeding soundness examination of male, rectal palpation of accessory glands. Semen collection, handling, evaluation, processing, storage and freezing. 


                                                      REPRODUCTION CLINIC-II                               

Training of the students in diagnosis and treatment of various reproductive problems at clinics. Use of ultrasound imaging to diagnose pregnancy in domestic animals. Clinical case recording and presentation for grading the students. Laboratory diagnostic techniques in Animal Reproduction. 

                                                      REPRODUCTION CLINIC-III                              

Training the students in diagnosis and treatment of various reproductive problems at clinics. Use of ultrasound imaging to diagnose reproductive abnormalities in domestic animals. Microbiological analysis of semen. Clinical case recording and presentation for grading the students.